Saturday 11 June 2011 - British Bandsman Magazine : Jack Dwanbritish bandsman

The British Bandsman Magazine Issue No. 5669 11 June 2011 included a report on how Wilton Royal British Legion Band paid tribute to their oldest member Jack Dwan, by staging a Concert in his honour.

This article was read by Mike Priscott, age 72, who realised that Jack was his teacher 60 years ago, and had introduced him to the world of brass bands, with the then Salisbury City Silver Band.

After all this time it was a real privilege for Mike to travel from Bath to meet his tutor again, and attend a band practise at Wilton, playing alongside Jack.
Not many have the opportunity to express their thanks for their early training after such a time gap.

british bandsmanJack was amazed to be shown an album "Famous Cornet Solos" from Chappell's, (three shillings and sixpence), on which 60 years before, he had written comments and advice. His tuition had included stressing the importance of the need to play with feeling, not obvious at age 12.

Wilton Royal British Legion Band practise evening with Jack was most enjoyable, and Mike was assured of another warm welcome at any time.

Jack has used his gift and has helped countless musicians of varying ages over his many years as a musician. (photographs courtesy of Mike Priscott)

Saturday 26 March 2011- Concert: Jack DwanJack 2011

Wilton Royal British Legion Band recently paid tribute to their eldest player Jack Dwan, by staging a Concert in his honour.

Jack, at 94 years of age has played the cornet in the Band for over 65 years.

In a well - attended Concert held in The Michael Herbert Hall in Wilton, the band of over 30 members played an entertaining repertoire that reflected the sea faring nature of Jack Dwan’s life.

Jack started his musical career at the age of 7, being the youngest member of Ross on Wye Town Band.

Aged 14, his talents on the cornet, led him to join the Royal Marine School of Music at Deal and during the Second World War he served as a Royal Marine Bandsman.

During the war, one of his ships, HMS Southampton was sunk but Jack managed to escape across the deck of another vessel without getting his feet wet. He did however manage to save his favourite cornet mouthpiece, which was in his pocket and he still uses it to this day.

After the War, Jack performed in many local dance bands; he also played for The Salisbury City Silver Band before becoming a prominent member of Wilton Royal British Legion Band.

On the Friday before the event, ITV Meridian filmed the band in rehearsal for the concert and broadcast this along with an interview with Jack.

To salute and show respect to a comrade, a contingent from HM Royal Marine Corps of Drums performed a scintillating marching display and The County Ceremonial Officer of The Royal British Legion brought four Legion Standard Bearers to add to the occasion.

All proceeds from the evening were donated to The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

You can view the photographs in the Gallery section.

Saturday 10 December 2010christmas

christmasThe Wilton Royal British Legion Band enjoying some festive fayre at their annual Christmas Dinner.

This year, the dinner was held at the Grasmere Hotel in Harnham and was a huge


Thursday 14 October 2010

band signThe band now has a new sign kindly donated by Laurence Gregory.

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